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Mixed using our gin FUSION.002.Forest
Vodka swapped for fat-washed gin for an uplifting version of the lingonberry cocktail Vargtass, popular in Northern Sweden.
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50mlFat-washed* FUSION.002.Forest
25mlFresh lemon
25mlLingonberry Syrup*
Add your fat-washed gin into a shaker together with the rest of the ingredients. First, dry shake without ice to build up a solid foam. Then add ice to shake it cold. Fine-strain to a coupé glass. Fat-wash* Brown 25 grams of butter per 100ML of gin on your stove. Mix the browned butter with FUSION.001.Forest and put it in the freezer overnight. Take out your fat-wash from the freezer and fine-strain it through a coffee filter or double strainer. Add it to a clean and airtight bottle. Store in fridge. Lingonberry Syrup* Mix 60% of sugar with 40% of water on your stove on low heat and let the sugar dissolve. Add a generous amount of lingonberry and let it sit on your kitchen counter for a few hours. Fine-strain the syrup in a clean and airtight bottle. Store in fridge.