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Frequently Asked Questions answered by our founder Dennis Bejedal.

Do you organize tastings?
Yes, we organize tastings and events in the distillery. Contact us and we will tailor a tasting or event to your needs.

What about dinners, can you arrange that for me and my friends at the distillery?
Absolutely. Contact us at, and we will help arrange a dinner to your specifications.

What do you mean by fusions?
The mindful combination of ingredients, sometimes from very different soils, to refresh and improve the taste and aroma of experimental spirits.

I'm obsessed with Gin&Tonic but would like to learn a simple twist on the original recipe. How do I give the G&T that extra kick?
We've gathered a few recipes here to jumpstart your creativity. You will find what we consider the best G&T there. Why not try it out this weekend?

Do you recommend changing gin fusion according to the seasons?
We're passionate believers in experimentation and suggest you try all our gins, regardless of season, to learn what suits your taste buds, personal requirements, and way of enjoying spirits best. And, of course: do it responsibly. Enjoyment lies in learning to discern flavors and aromas, not drinking to get drunk.

I have guests coming over soon and don't know what cocktails they like. What is a surefire recipe that will satisfy all?
A cocktail people visiting our distillery have enjoyed unanimously so far is our Signature G&T. You find it on our recipe page.

How do you source your ingredients? Do you work with small-scale farms?
Yes, we strive to work exclusively with small-batch farms and suppliers that grow their produce sustainably and mindfully.

What is Glögg?
A mullet wine enjoyed hot during the winter season. Our award-winning Glögg can also be enjoyed cold with a large chunk of ice during the hot season.

How many people influence the final version of a fusion?
As the Master Distiller of Norrbottens Destilleri, it is ultimately my responsibility to decide when a fusion is ready for bottling and tables worldwide. We are all involved in product development and always encourage our team to try the untried.

I live outside Sweden. Where can I buy your products?
Currently, our products are distributed in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Japan, and Chile.

What's the optimal way to store your products? Or does storage even matter for preserving the quality of the spirit?
It actually does matter. A general rule of thumb is to keep spirits away from light since direct sunlight causes chemical changes in the liquor and raises the temperature, making the flavor deteriorate. Ensure the corks are shut tight to prevent oxidation.

So, where is your distillery exactly?
It is located in Töre, a village of around 1.000 inhabitants in the far north of Sweden close to the Bothnian Bay. Find driving directions to the distillery here.

I have a question that was not answered here. How can I get in contact with you?
If you're a consumer and have a question about N.D and our products, mail us at Do you want to distribute our products? In that case, please mail us at We're always happy to help you, no matter your inquiry.